RE: ARIA roles added to the a element should be conforming in HTML5.

Well if content authors are not penalized then they will go on creating more
and more entangled code and soon ARIA2.0 will be needed!
An h1 is meant for a section heading and a button cannot be a section
heading. Period. Nip it in the bud and forbid constructs like an h1 with a
Someone wrote:
>> I agree that those questions are relevant. But one could just as well 
>> turn them and say: "Do you want to forbid aria="button" on a <h1>?
>> Well, then you should first check that no sites do this, and that no 
>> user agents support it!"
No one asked how many websites have img elements with no alt attributes
before saying alt is a required attribute for img. And FF does not reveal
alt when moused over but IE does. So aligning practices of authors and user
agents vis a vis standards has always been a dilemma.   
Make user agents adhere to standards. That is a smaller group - makers of
browsers and AT. Authors will be forced to code in a manner that the
browsers will render code and be prevented from  writing strange constructs.

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