role="" attribute

ARIA has a lot of attributes, all but one of which are prefixed with the 
string "aria-". Is there any chance we could also prefix role="" with 
"aria-", as in aria-role=""? I understand that in some host languages, the 
attribute has other purposes as well, but it would be useful if, in the 
host languages where that isn't the case, the attribute was prefixed. It 
would keep all the attributes together in indexes and tables in 
implementations, it would make it easier for authors to see their 
accessibility API work, and it would highlight the link between the 
various attributes. It would also allow ARIA to be used in vocabularies 
that already have a role="" attribute (aria-* attributes are far less 
likely to already exist than role="").

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Received on Wednesday, 25 March 2009 06:48:09 UTC