Re: <dialog> and the

Are you sure it's not HTML 5 that's confusing?

I always thought that in the world of software terminology, a dialog was a 
dialog box, and a dialogue was a conversation.
A lot of other developers will think that too, when they see there is an 
HTML tag called dialog.

Why not just call it a conversation if that's what it is?

- Aaron

Ian Hickson <>
01/28/2009 03:44 AM
<dialog> and the

A couple of months ago it was pointed out that HTML5's <dialog> and ARIA's 

"dialog" role are confusingly similar in name.

We (the HTML5 community) had previously tried to find a better name for 
<dialog> to avoid this confusion, and I just went through a series of 
proposals again trying to find a better name, but I haven't been able to 
find a good alternative.

Is there any chance I could convince the you to rename the ARIA role 
"dialog" to something more explicitly about dialog boxes instead? e.g. 
"dialogbox" or "dialogwindow".

That would be of great help in keeping the vocabularies free of conflicts.

For background, this thread started here:

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