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hi lachlan,
It would be useful if these were  defined in the HTML5 spec no?
my thinking would be that untill such times that the various elements and
associaated algorithms are implemented in user agents, use of landmarks to
mark up unsupported semantics be allowed.

2009/8/28 Lachlan Hunt <>

> Steven Faulkner wrote:
>> Hi bruce, agree with you,
>> the concerns I have with the mapping of ARIA landmark roles to HTML 5
>> elements are:
>> 1. there is no comparable element to role="main"
> I'm not entirely convinced this needs to be mapped directly to an element,
> rather than simply letting be implied as all of the content following the
> body element's first header element, if any, or else the whole content of
> body, excluding footer and nav sections.
> Consider the following example:
> <body>
>  <header><h1>...</h1></header>
>  <article>Article 1</article>
>  <article>Article 2</article>
>  <footer>...</footer>
> </body>
> In this case, the main content would be assumed to be both articles.  (I
> realise this may be a little too simple to handle some of the more complex
> cases, but I'm fairly sure the idea could be refined to make it work more
> reliably)
> 2. there is no comparable element to role="banner" as <header> is allowed
>> to
>> be used multiple times within a document and it states in the ARIA spec
>> that
>> 'Within any document or application, the author *SHOULD* mark no more than
>> one element with the banner role.'
> This could be defined to map to the first header element in the page who's
> nearest sectioning element ancestor is the body element.
> 3. while currently role="contentinfo" does not have an authoring
>> restriction
>> like role="banner", i believe this is an oversight, and it should have. If
>> so there will be the same issue with mapping it to <footer>, which can
>> also
>> be present multiple times in a html5 document.
> If that restriction were to be applied to role="contentinfo", then it could
> similarly be defined to map to the first (or maybe last) footer element in
> the page who's nearest sectioning element ancestor is the body element.
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