Re: conformance checker for HTML+ARIA?

Hi Steven,

> @2008-09-30 12:25 +0100:
> >"It also flags issues based on a set of
> > rules, defined by Henri, on what constitutes conformant HTML5+ARIA
> > (for example role="document" is not allowed)" and understand the
> > concern you're expressing.
> I have already pinged henri on this particular issue. And as I said
> previously, for the most part i think henri has put a good proposal
> forward about ARIA integration in HTML5, one which has not been given
> the consideration it deserves, as yet. One which serves as a good
> basis for discussion on how ARIA integration into other host languages
> could proceed.

So it seems like one way forward would be to use Henri's doc as a starting point
among whomever it is that you want to try to get agreement from,
modify it to match whatever consensus emerges, and produce a DTD
(if that's what you really think you need) based on that.

But regardless of what you do, there's somebody that will need to
do the actual work of modifying or writing the spec and producing
the DTD. I would really doubt that you're going find any
volunteers stepping forward who have not been involved in the
discussions at all yet -- so it seems like it's probably going to
need to be somebody from among the group of people who've already
been discussing it.

It's not clear to me what exactly the HTML WG can do to help speed
this up in the near term (if the goal is to get it a DTD made and
deployed at as soon as possible).


Michael(tm) Smith

Received on Tuesday, 30 September 2008 12:50:49 UTC