Re: function and impacts (was: @scope and @headers reform)

James Graham wrote:
> Gez Lemon wrote:
>> 2008/9/25 James Graham <>:
>>>> Nested headers aren't allowed at the moment, but if they are allowed
>>>> later, how would the automatic associations for a th in the middle of
>>>> a table work?
>>> I have (in conjunction with others) put forward a detailed proposal 
>>> for this
>>> which is available *in the form of running code* [1]. DO you have any
>>> suggestions for improving it?
>>> [1]
>> I changed an example to use nested headers [1], and run it through the
>> table inspector. The table inspector reports "Budgeted", "Actual", and
>> "Forecasted" as headers for the data in the columns "TCO", "ROI", and
>> "NPV". That's not correct. The automatic association has assumed the
>> headers run to the end of the row.
> That suggests that the automatic association should only occur if the 
> header has the a row/colspan (depending on the direction we are looking 
> along) that is greater than or equal to that of the cells it is being 
> associated with. We should see if this is a more general phenomenon that 
> applies to a wide class of tables.

Apparently this was a case that Simon and Ben discussed for the original smart 
headers algorithm that got lost along the way somewhere. I've changed it in the 
table inspector now so that it is handled correctly.

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