Re: Acessibility of <audio> and <video>

At 13:53  +0300 4/09/08, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>On Sep 4, 2008, at 13:15, Ben Boyle wrote:
>>Captions on is pretty good for "can't hear well" in my opinion. Two
>>scenarios I'm familiar:
>>1. sometimes it's not practical or appropriate to have audio in the
>>work environment... captions would be useful.
>Browsers should probably turn captions on when system audio output is muted.

That can be entirely left to the UA environment;  *how* the user's 
preference "I need captions if available" is expressed is (happily) 
out of scope for us.

>>2. there's nothing better than captions when trying to watch something
>>and the kids are underfoot making a ruckus (or alternatively, they're
>>being nice and quiet and you don't want to risk disturbing the peace!)
>This is not something that can be modeled as a "set and forget" 
>pref. This would have to be a context menu option.

Indeed, there are media resources which would like to be embedded in 
a page with options for turning things on and off manually, as well. 
We should probably also cover the case when the user's prefs change 
while something is playing.

I don't think pure manual selection every time is appropriate.  Those 
environments needing captions (for example) shouldn't have to do 
something special every time they encounter a video (and there may be 
several on a page).
David Singer

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