Re: ARIA BPG Issue: we should not be decreeing complex keyboard interactions

David Bolter wrote:

> I share the view/hope that ARIA (at least ARIA 1.0) is about defining
> the semantics, and not the interaction. I would like to mention  
> however,
> that keyboard interaction in DHTML tends to be defined by the  
> JavaScript
> author, and not the Browser, or the AT.

I think that's because, prior to ARIA, there has never been a way for  
AT to gather application semantics out of the DOM.

> If Apple is going to base SproutCore interactions on native OSX
> interactions, I'd like to see Apple represented on the style guide  
> team.

The opinions I express here do not relate specifically to OS X or to  
any particular JavaScript library. I just think that web application  
controls should behave like desktop application controls, hence  
keyboard and mouse interaction should default to the browser and AT,  
as it does with form elements.


Received on Monday, 8 September 2008 18:13:49 UTC