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Is there a link to the Microsoft implementation of tree?


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>Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 12:42:26 +0200
>From: Aaron M Leventhal <>  
>Subject: RE: Tree sample code  
>To: Cynthia Shelly <>
>Cc: George Young <>, "" <>,
>   The graceful degredation might work if you put
>   role="presentation" in the right places. Let's work
>   together on that.
>   In general need to "circle the wagons" on ARIA
>   implementations so that the same things work in both
>   IE and Firefox.
>   Can we all agree to try out our ideas in each
>   other's implementations or at least make sure the
>   ARIA user agent implementor's guide reflects the
>   algorithm you will use when exposing the positional
>   info to the AT.
>   If you can read between the lines, I'm honestly just
>   worried that we're all doing different things
>   without checking with each other and trying it out
>   with the currently shipping implementations that
>   already work, or even checking it against the ARIA
>   spec or implementors guide. If everyone structures
>   their test widgets slightly differently, any 2
>   implementations will work differently. Authors will
>   end up with a mess. IOW please just take this as me
>   hoping we can go back and forth until we agree to do
>   trees the same way, not to mention menubars, combo
>   boxes and other complex composite widgets with
>   potential structural choices.
>   - Aaron
>   From:    Cynthia Shelly                              
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>   To:      Aaron M Leventhal/Cambridge/IBM@IBMUS       
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>   Date:    09/06/2008 12:52 AM                         
>   Subject: RE: Tree sample code                        
>     ------------------------------------------------
>   #1 is probably just do to our inexperience.  If
>   it’s not needed, that’s great.  
>   So, #2 is the point of this code sample.  Use the
>   native semantics as far as they go, and then
>   progressively enhance with ARIA.  I feel pretty
>   strongly that this type of graceful degradation
>   pattern should be supported if we want accessibility
>   in the broadest range of user agents.     
>   As a side note, I am getting position and nesting
>   info with IE 8 Beta 2 and JAWS 9.0.2169 with the
>   virtual cursor turned off, and I’m also seeing it
>   in MSAA description field in Inspect32.  The child
>   count is incorrect, and I haven’t yet figured out
>   why.
>   From: Aaron M Leventhal []
>   Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 5:56 AM
>   To: Cynthia Shelly
>   Cc: George Young;
>   Subject: Re: Tree sample code
>   Here are my comments on Microsoft's tree sample:
>   1. It uses aria-level, aria-setsize and
>   aria-posinset when it doesn't need to. 
>   The idea is that authors only need to do that if the
>   tree is not DOM complete -- iow it's loaded
>   dynamically. When the entire tree structure is there
>   the user agent is supposed to calculate that info
>   from the structure.
>   2. It uses <li><a/></li> constructs. 
>   This seems to be to allow for graceful degredation
>   for non-ARIA clients. However, it means that the
>   tree has list, list item and tree item objects mixed
>   together, and no longer looks like a tree widget to
>   current generation ATs. Neither current ATs nor
>   Firefox 3 will process the structure and
>   automatically provide info like the level, posinset
>   and setsize. 
>   In general, the current implementors guide algorithm
>   will not work with this tree. So either the tree
>   needs to change, or the impl guide algorithm or
>   both.
>   What do you suggest?
>   - Aaron
>   From:    Cynthia Shelly                              
>            <>               
>   To:      "" <>       
>   Cc:      George Young <>        
>   Date:    07/07/2008 11:21 PM                         
>   Subject: Tree sample code                            
>     ------------------------------------------------
>   As promised, here is a zip of the tree sample I
>   demo’d at the face to face.   
>   Tree.htm uses only nested unordered lists of links
>   (with onclick handlers) to achieve tree behavior.
>    JAWS in virtual cursor mode with medium verbosity
>   does a good job of reading the list levels.
>    Tab+enter opens and closes the tree levels. 
>   Ariatree.htm is the same tree, with aria markup
>   added to the links.  With virtual cursor turned off,
>   list level information is exposed to MSAA.  This was
>   tested with IE8 beta 1 and JAWS 9.  There are a few
>   bugs in what is exposed to MSAA by IE in this early
>   build, which will be fixed. 
>   I’ve copied George Young, who wrote the original
>   tree, to which I added ARIA for the CSUN demo.
>    George is the best person to work with on combining
>   this tree with any other samples that have more
>   extensive keyboard handling features.[attachment
>   "" deleted by Aaron M
>   Leventhal/Cambridge/IBM]
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