Re: What is the current situation with ARIA and accordion?

Victor Tsaran wrote:

> I am from Windows world primarily but do completely agree with you  
> that Voiceover's approach to interacting with complex widget is the  
> best one. It does get a bit tedious at times, particularly for  
> simple widgets, but for complex ones I don't think there is a better  
> solution.

You can use that type of navigation on simple widgets, but shouldn't  
need to. If it's a simple widget like a list box, you navigate to the  
list box and change the active descendant with up and down arrows, the  
standard OS key controls. If you want to use VoiceOver's "interact  
with" navigation on the list box, you can, but it's really best for  
complex widgets like table grids or interacting with widgets inside  
other widgets.


Received on Friday, 5 September 2008 20:07:47 UTC