Re: OFF TOPIC - Shame on Google

Harry Loots wrote:

> When was Google elevated to status of beyond reproach?

I never said that they were, and I have reproached Google in the past.

> If it was Microsoft being criticised would you have defended them in  
> the same
> manner?

If the circumstances were the same, absolutely. I would [1] and I have  

1. Though I might do it from a different email account. ;-)

2. For example, web developers love to criticize Internet Explorer,  
but they forget that at the time version 4 and 5 were released, IE was  
leaps and bounds above the competition. I've defended Microsoft on  
this point in the past, and while I prefer the current versions of  
Safari, Firefox, and Opera to IE, it doesn't mean I think IE is a  
terrible product that brings shame on Microsoft as a whole.

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