[XAG clarify] identifying the source of final form Re: Comments on XAG - 3 Oct 2002

It means providing some way for a user to find the original - the 
assumption is that the final-form version is generated from something 
richer and more flexible. This requirement is probably related to the 
use of something like CC/PP, where it should be possible to negotiate 
for one form or another. Currently we don't allow for that as a 
solution (perhaps based on the assumption that there are no people who 
can provide an exhaustive set of final-form presentations for all sets 
of user needs).



On Wednesday, Feb 19, 2003, at 12:04 Australia/Melbourne, Dean Jackson 

> * 2.11 Specific checkpoint for Final-form applications.
> Can you explain what "Allow the author to identify by URI the source 
> used to
> generate the final form instance" means? Does "final-form"
> mean the result of something like an XSLT transform?
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