[XAG] Presentation Attributes Re: Comments on XAG - 3 Oct 2002

This issue  is related to the "final form" checkpoint - 2.11 in the 
October 2002 draft. Part of the answer might be that structure and 
presentation are not as clearly distinguished in graphics, or audio, as 
they are in documents that are primarily textual - considering some 
examples for SVG or SSML would be a good idea.

The ability to override styling for things we consider final form 
languages probably belongs in the discussion of the final-form 
checkpoint. It is provided by CSS2 already, which specifies that 
presentation attributes are to be treated as if they were style sheet 
rules, and gives them a place in the hierarchy. Maybe we should make 
that an explicit technique note.


On Wednesday, Feb 19, 2003, at 12:04 Australia/Melbourne, Dean Jackson 

> * TW2.2.1 Example: Wrong
> I think the wording is a little harsh. In SVG we do allow 
> presentational
> attributes, but they are part of the styling system and can be 
> overridden
> by a style sheet. Yes, this was a huge debate at the time which we
> don't want to reopen. However, now that we've lived with the
> result for a few years we are actually quite happy with it.
> Also, how can you not include presentational elements in a language
> such as SVG? What is a <circle> if not presentational? I'm sure
> similar examples exist in XSLFO and probably SMIL (<video>?).
> My feeling is that there are some XML grammars that are presentational,
> and those grammars, by their nature, will define presentational
> elements and attributes. How about wording that suggests/requires
> a styling override for presentational features? Or expanding on
> the "non final-form dialects" bit (SVG is both final-form and
> non final-form)?
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