[XAG] SVG and Final form Re: Comments on XAG - 3 Oct 2002

Personally I don't consider that SVG needs to be final form - it 
provides plenty of capacity through the metadata, title, desc 
attributes for storing original data as well.

The source can be identified (in the example of an SVG that has been 
turned into a stripped-down final form version for bandwidth reduction) 
through the metadata element - I wonder if we should propose a 
particular way of doing this. There is Dublin Core that can identify 
versions of the same resource...



On Wednesday, Feb 19, 2003, at 12:04 Australia/Melbourne, Dean Jackson 

> * 2.11 Specific checkpoint for Final-form applications.
> Can you explain what "Allow the author to identify by URI the source 
> used to
> generate the final form instance" means? Does "final-form"
> mean the result of something like an XSLT transform?
> Actually I don't understand the other two provisions as well! Sorry :)
> My question really is: "Do you consider SVG final-form?"
> If the answer is yes, then what do the provisions mean in
> the context of SVG?
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