Re: [archives] roadmap for repair cycle

I like YahooGroups, was eGroups
I find the current search mechanism really unfriendly.

If I go to this page

I end up with this '+w3c-wai-ig ' defaulting in the
search box, that just confuses me.

I have just realised why it does this!

I have to put my search term after that to get it just
to search the wai-ig! This is so 'non standard' it has
taken me over 6 months from first using it to realise

If i do a simple search I get back far too much
information _for each_ entry in the search results,
alot of it is not relevant.

Here is the first of 7258 hits if I do a search for
+w3c-wai-ig guideline 11

1. from July to September 1997:
Markup guideline  

Markup guidelines working group: reminder. From: Chuck
Letourneau ( Date: Thu, Sep 04
1997. Next message: "Next...
- Last Modified: 20-Dec-2000 - Size: 4K  

Suggested alternative

1. Markup guidelines working group: reminder. From :
Chuck Letourneau - Sep 04 1997  (as a link)

First bit of message


Aslo include an option to sort by reverse date
(possibly the default, as these things go out of date
so quickly)

Graham Oliver

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Received on Thursday, 22 March 2001 19:30:58 UTC