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Al Gilman wrote:
> At 03:14 PM 2001-08-03 , gregory j. rosmaita wrote:
> >CMN: I think the "pictures of words" bit should go back to the WCAG group.
> >
> >GJR: which part?  that pictures of words ain't words?
> >
> ><span lang="franglais"> ceci n'est pas une pipe, non? </span>
> >
> >no, it's not a pipe -- it's a question...
> >
> a) everything that generates debate in XTECH should go back to the affected
> groups -- here at least GL and UA -- who may confirm or deny acquiescence in
> the proposal of the intergroup caucus.  But perhaps after giving XTECH some
> time to settle on a provisional resolution of the question.  Cf. conference
> committee in a bicameral legislature such as in the U.S.

Let me add that I'd like to see a concrete proposal before I would want
to take any UAWG time reconsidering our definitions.

 - Ian

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