Re: Low vision usage

----- and the answer is still yes which I guess I didn't make clear
enough in my haste to describe lacks.  A person with failing vision who
is used to images may need the text to support their continued visual
reduction till they are at a point where they are using something other
than vision.  Or perhaps that vision remains stable but images alone are
not enough because of what they once had and now have lost.
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At 02:24 PM 2001-11-07 , David Poehlman wrote:
>Al, The answer is yes. Some times, the image details are just too
>difficult to see or the image contrast is not good enough or the person
>has vision severe enough that images are not good ways for them to
>attain info but they can still read the text.

Thank you, David.

May I ask a follow-up clarifying question?

What you said here could describe a case where the image is completely
and simply giving the user the text is as good as it gets.

But that may not be what you meant.  I meant to ask, are there in
people for whom the image is perceptually degraded to the point that the
from the text is highly valuable; but still there is residual utility in
image perception so that the text alone is inferior to having access to
text with image, together.


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>>> I would send the suggestions to the User Agent group list
>>> ( Tim Lacy is currently the Microsoft contact
>>> participating in the User Agent working group.
>>Thanks Jon.
>>Issue: alt text on images, for low vision users.
>>If I have screen fonts set to large,
>>alt text remains the same size, it doesn't increase
>>proportionately to the screen font.
>>(Its the same on java tooltips btw).
>>Whats it like on opera or amaya or Netscape?)
>Are there some low vision users who should be able to have both the ALT
>image shown at the same time? So the ALT is there to explain what is in
>image of which you see a fragment?
>There was the suggestion earlier [failing to find reference at the
>LD users should have access to both the text equivalent and the image
>equivalent, displayed together.
>>Regards DaveP.
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