Recruited to review UAAG-CR

The impressive e-book reader from ION Systems has addressed some of the
UAAG requirements.

Their CEO, Jill Thomas, said she'd recently downloaded UAAG and will
be reviewing it.

Her husband, Thomas Thomas, Chairman, caught up with me in the hall
today, and said that he too would review it against their product:

Their product does among other things, rewrapped presentation when
user changes font size. They support many file formats. 
Their demo and its documentation was less accessible than I'd prefer.
Jill said that "real soon now" they would have a more accessible
version, including braille support and Section 508 compliance.

I believe these folks can bring some fresh insights and perhaps some
more implementation experience for us.


Received on Thursday, 8 November 2001 00:30:05 UTC