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ION Launches Accessibility Reader Application - Press Release

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1@home.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 19:25:18 -0400
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ION Systems, Inc. Releases the ION eMonocle Reader, an Open eBook
(OeB) Reader Application that Exceeds the Low Vision Requirements for
both the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508

ION's eMonocle Reader, One of the first Open eBook Readers delivering
"Readability" and "Accessibility" Over Other Screen Readers in the

Crystal City, MO August 1st, 2001 –After 10 years of research and
development creating
electronic screen rendering products for simultaneous use by sighted,
low visioned and blind
users, ION Systems, Inc. launches their first OeB screen reader called
ION eMonocle Reader.
Special content flow technology allows text and graphics to be adjusted
by individual users,
maximizing comprehension and retention over other interfaces available
today. The ION
eMonocle Reader allows for text on-screen to be resized from 4 point to
144 point size on
demand. Besides making content easier to read, all text and graphics can
now automatically be
resized on demand to exceed the Americans with Disability Act
requirement for low-vision
readers. When converted to the OeB format (a service of ION Systems),
any text or graphic
content, at no additional charge to the publisher or end user can now be
instantly converted to
large print electronic books for the underserved low-vision market.

The power of the ION eMonocle application is demonstrated in its ability
to open any OeB
publication without modification. Publishers will have the freedom to
build a variety of content
files that will be able to be read by any user operating the ION
eMonocle Reader application.

Installed as a downloaded application, the eMonocle Reader will offer
standard features of
word and phrase search with navigational controls (either keyboard or
mouse commands).
Page turning commands mimic the real life book turning experience; no
scrolling or page
manipulation is required to read text or graphics from one page to the
next. Any graphic may
easily be enlarged or rotated for improved viewing at a click of a
button to fill the entire screen
or larger than screen size for full detail disclosure.

ION's eMonocle Reader is free to the end user and licensed to vendors
either as a stand alone
application or made available through ION Systems' GalaxyLibrary.com
ePublishing service.
The eMonocle interface is designed to work with most existing Digital
Rights Management
systems offering the most flexibility to the content owners. Future
releases are planned to
include interface options for existing Braille readers and advance
features targeted at the
educational market. For a free download and demonstration of ION
eMonocle Reader
application click on: www.ionsystems.com/emonocle .


 About ION Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1992, ION Systems, Inc., is a privately held company based in
Crystal City, MO.
It specializes in the development of Internet software for simultaneous
use by sighted, low
visioned and blind users. GalaxyLibrary.com is a secure ePublishing
service of ION Systems,
Inc. that provides an end-to-end distribution and ePublishing solution
for publishers, retailers
and end users. GalaxyLibrary.com uses ION's patent-pending eMonocle tm
Reader technology
which allows content to be re-flowed so text and graphics can be
adjusted by individual users,
maximizing comprehension and retention over other readers available
today. The ION
eMonocle Reader's unique design maximizes readability by allowing text
on-screen to be
resized from 4 point to 144 point font size on demand, exceeding the
Americans with
Disabilities Act standards for the Low Visioned. Key to ION's strategy
is being an IBM
business partner. To experience ION Systems’ patent-pending technology
in action, visit
http://www.ionsystems.com or http://www.galaxylibrary.com.

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For Information Contact:
Carl Wegener
ION Systems, Inc.
Tel: (636) 937-9094
Fax: (636) 937-1828
E-mail: carl@ionsystems.com
Web sites: www.ionsystems.com

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