Fw: Freedom Box is out and ready for purchase!

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Subject: Freedom Box is out and ready for purchase!

Mike Calvo Marketing Director
Hello all,
Today is the day! The Freedom Box is out and ready for purchase! You can
order it by phone on our toll free number 877-661-3785 both the software
hardware are available! The software is only $99 and the hardware is
$999 be
sure to ask about the  program. Our online ordering will be up in the
day or 2 but we are taking phone orders for delivery at the beginning of
August! Tell your offline friends that Freedom in a box is now here!
of the demo on ACB Radio are available and can be sent to offline people
mail. Also be sure to check out a talk given by Mike Calvo now posted on
web site. This talk focuses on the Freedom Box vision and how every
person can help bring true online freedom to all!  Be sure to hear this
and the demo at www.freedombox.cc and be sure to post this message to
list that will allow you to do so! We thank you in advance for your part
this great new project!
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Fax: (305) 412-1504

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