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Portset WebTalk.
The Internet browser that speaks web pages and provides POP3 email
facilities for
the visually impaired.
The Internet is a vast source of information and entertainment which is
both exciting
and informative. It is already possible to play music, read books, buy
products and
even conduct your financial affairs over the Internet. New applications
are becoming
available all the time.
Portset's talking Internet browser, WebTalk, allows blind and partially
sighted users
to access the world wide web. Internet pages are read to the user and
all controls
have spoken response.
Portset's WebTalk is easy to use; you don't even need to have computer
By using the KeySpeak version, your personal computer talks to you from
switch on;
just select WebTalk from the list of applications read to you.
WebTalk recognises you as a user and provides all the help you need to
get started
surfing the web. WebTalk arranges the connection to the telephone line
that connects
you with the world of information technology.
WebTalk includes an integral email facility which enables you read,
write and send
When used with Portset's own Internet Service Provider, (UK only),
WebTalk brings
you all the advantages of a fast interconnection with the Internet.
(See the separate
leaflet on Portset's ISP.)
Portset have many years of experience applying speech technology. Their
are designed specifically for the visually impaired community and
Portset's designers
have several award winning products to their credit. WebTalk is one of
their latest
applications for enhancing the independence of the visually impaired.
Now the visually
impaired can share the experience of the revolution in communication
and information
Portset WebTalk provides the following functions:
Connect and Disconnect to dial up network.
Set your own home page.
Move backwards and forwards through web pages.
http-www site access.
Navigate up and down through a page.
Select page links to go to.
Enter text for searches and forms.
Refresh a page.
Maintains a previous history for user access.
Read all the text.
Receive, write and send emails.
Play audio files.
Control colours for text and background.
Off-Line capability.
Adjust male and female voice characteristics
Auto-connect installer.
Available as either a stand-alone version, ideal for those screen
reader users that
find the screen reader just can't make it to the web or as a KeySpeak
version for
those who just want to be part of the excitement of the web technology.
Price 150.00 or (80.00, if you take the ISP offer with first annual
quarterly payments
scheme,UK only.),
Read about the Portset ISP Facility
Take a look at the Keyspeak Products
Prices are exclusive of UK VATax, as enjoyed by VI. UK residents.
Email for info.

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