Re: [PROPOSAL] Checkpoint 4.1Configure text size.

This type of requirement is related to the old screen scraping mode of 
accessing information from a user agent.  A refreshable braille display 
following the guidelines should be using the DOM, not a graphical rendering 
to gather information to be displayed.


At 03:47 PM 7/11/2001 -0400, Al Gilman wrote:
>At 02:36 PM 2001-07-11 , Jon Gunderson wrote:
> >I don't like complicating the checkpoint with cascading requirements and
> >ambiguous terms.
> >3. I don't think the minimum size needs to be specified or mentioned, since
> >any practical user agent will implement smaller sizes useful to people with
> >average vision.  I don't think many developers are going to start their
> >design process using our document and say want we need to do to conform
> >this document.  Most will be trying to add capabilities to current
> >implementations to their technology.
> >
>The users who want the smallest screen font are not visual users but Braille
>users, IIRC.  We can't necessarily judge the low end of what is needed from
>what works for the 20:20 eyeball.
>I am trying to check my sources, but the value I recall as in use was '3.'  I
>just succeeded in throwing WordPad into size '3' Arial.  But not for all fonts
>such as Fixedsys, which seems to bottom out at '9.'

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