Re: access mozilla:

Glad to hear that the accessmozilla page is interesting reading. It 
really needs updating, however, as evidenced by the out of date contact 
info (now fixed).

My apologies for not being more involved in UAAG. I'm sure you can 
imagine the amount of work that needs to be done for Netscape 
accessibility. I'm still just trying to cover the basics, such as screen 
reader support via MSAA, and full keyboard accessibility.

Just so you don't think it's all vaporware, Netscape's progress and 
plans can be found at
We have Microsoft Active Accessibility working in the HTML content area, 
but not for the UI yet. Getting the screen readers vendors to actually 
use the MSAA that we expose is another matter - that's not typically 
looked for by default, and everyone implements it differently. It's not 
a clear standard, and not cross-platform, which is another problem for us.

Any advice or thoughts on our plans/progress are always appreciated -- 
we're on the netscape.public.mozilla.accessibility newsgroup. It's 
usually pretty quiet. You might expect that, since, well, we've already 
got a lot to do. I'm definitely having fun already, but I think I need 
some more "partners in crime".

- Aaron

Ian B. Jacobs wrote:

>David Poehlman wrote:
>>interesting reading at:
>>incase some have not seen it.
>Hunting around the contact info page [1], you find
>that Aaron Leventhal is the contact. <grin>
>Hey Aaron, how about a link to the UAWG home
>page from the related links page [2]? (I see that
>the WAI home page is already there...).
> - Ian

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