RE: 6 July draft of UAAG 1.0 summary available

Nicely done!

I had some confusion with scenario 1 Keyboard accessibility.
Mr. Jones using HTML to submit article to online journal seems more of an
authoring tool scenario and distantly related to User Agent accessibility.

Mr. Jones, a reporter for an on-line journal, makes extensive use of the WWW
to conduct research for articles and features.

would make it more relevant to User Agent.

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Based on Working Group comments about the version of the
UAAG 1.0 summary that appeared in the ERCIM Newsletter [2],
I have published a revision of the summary [1] for your review.
This revision includes three accessibility scenarios, in order for
a physical disability, deafness, and blindness. It also includes
fewer examples of the (boring <grin>) checkpoints and guidelines.

Comments welcome,

 _ Ian

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