Talk about design issues

I don't want the discussion on this list to focus on issues of developer
intent and/or their commitment to disability access.  We are here to discus
issues surrounding User Agent access features.   If anybody has a
compliment, complaint or comment surrounding a particular developers
commitment to disability access, there are plenty of other forums to
express your concerns.  This type of discussion on the UA list only leads
to alienation of working group members and hardening of views on issues
related to the guidelines.  Please let's put our energies into focus on the


At 06:18 PM 8/12/98 -0400, Bryan Campbell wrote:
>At 09:08 PM 11-08-98 -0500, "Gregg Vanderheiden" <> wrote:
>>I am concerned that we don't have specific navigation strategy. Saying
>>that the shortest number of keystrokes should be used may end up with very
>>different and incompatible navigation strategies that will only serve to
>>confuse. I don't have a recommendation to toss in here but we should look
>>at this issue in detail.
>I fully agree. 
>But the builder's of current OS platforms resisted more specific ideas
>because they interfere with the overall scheme of the platform. It seems to
>leave Accessibility as a secondary issue. It would be terrific if vendors
>took action to show a commitment to keyboard navigation; deeds speak.
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