RE: UA WD review regarding physical disabilities

We are working on the keyboard navigation section.  We should have a new
set of guidelines by next week.

At 09:08 PM 8/11/98 -0500, Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
>I am concerned that we don't have specific navigation strategy.   Saying
>that the shortest number of keystrokes should be used may end up with very
>different and incompatible navigation strategies that will only serve to
>confuse.   I don't have a recommendation to toss in here but we should look
>at this issue in detail.
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>This is a review of the UA draft as of 13 July 1998 relating to people with
>physical disabilities as requested by Jon Gunderson. To effectively use the
>Web this group has few extra requirements, at least in the way of Tags, so
>it isn't surprising physical disabilities aren't mentioned on the WD.
>Calling for keyboard navigation is good & meets most needs, except it gives
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