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Isn't there a tool that assists with Graphical verification that works on Firefox which works with a screen reader? Also isn't their newer technology that makes graphical verification obsolete?  I recall reading both of these, but never had the need to use them or investigate in more depth. So someone more knowledgeable then I might be able to comment.

I notice some companies use your mobile (Cell) and send a pin verification purposes, than using the graphical method. I would suggest seeing what other verification methods are available and then suggest that to PayPal.

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Greetings everyone,
As of this afternoon  paypal has implemented an image verification procedure, effectively locking out anyone whose disability experience makes such verification's a problem.
granted access has been fading fora while now, but at least one could reach your account and in some cases access the classic site structure.
I am wondering first if others have noticed, and second wisdom on the best course to take?
Paypal is simply too pervasive for this to be ignored.
Karen Lewellen

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