Re: Accessibility for trustworthiness indicators

Hi Daisuke,
I have a colleague who did her master's thesis on browser security and
impact on users with visual impairment . I will see if I can get the
research for you as there may be information that aligns with your work.
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> Hello!
> I'm working on phishing prevention, and am concerned with
> accessibility for people with disabilities. I'm afraid but
> many security information, e.g., address bar colored green,
> is really important for distinguishing legitimate sites, but
> individuals with visual impairment are hard to recognize it.
> My team has interviewed with people with disabilities,
> and found the current screen reader applications are not so
> efficient to prevent phishing. This was briefly summarized and
> available at my github repo as follows:
> Does anyone have information for protecting individuals with
> visual impairments from phishing attacks?
> Kind regards,
> Daisuke
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