Re: Accessibility for trustworthiness indicators

Dear Andrews,

 Thank you for your pointing. I can agree a lot of part and
I will try to think about a universal system.

> While your concern is appreciated, you should concentrate on making
> a universal system that meets the needs of everyone out of the box.
> And ... if there is information that browsers are not passing along to
> then you as content developers should pressure them!

 Let' me clarify a problem what I want to solve.

 Please imagine when a user opens a legitimate site, which
equips an EV-SSL certificate. Sighted people can identify it,
but people with visual impairments cannot do so. Even if they
have knowledge about EV-SSL, it is not so easy for them to
recognize the existence of the EV-SSL certificate.
 How can we fill the information gap between sighted people
and people with visual impairments?

Best regards,

Received on Thursday, 7 April 2016 13:43:24 UTC