Re: JavaScript and Accessibility

> Can you substantiate your perception that WAI scope is limited to 
> static documents? (including forms)

Only by demonstrating the obvious absurdity of all "web content", by
which I assume you mean services, and data (including executable code)
accessible using the internet.

I can download a complete copy of Linux from the web.  Does that mean that
the WCAG applies to everything that Linux does.

I can probably download a complete copy of Windows XP, albeit illegally;
does that mean that the WCAG applies to Windows XP.

I can probably similarly (illegally) download a copy of any X-Box game
program.  Does that  mean that all X-Box games are covered by the WCAG.

I don't believe that they are intended to apply to all computer software
and data just because they can be obtained from the "web".

Received on Saturday, 14 June 2003 15:26:22 UTC