Re: Skip Nav (was RE: "Think EUO, not SEO"/Google)

>                                                      they controll the
> presentation themselves

Are you saying that JAWS ignores the visual media display: none styling,
or that JAWS is not a screenreader.

In the first case, it means that the display: none hack works for it.

In the second case, you might want to check what was originally meant
by screenreader, as I suspect the intention was to include IE/JAWS as
well as Lynx/DOS mode screen reader.

If it is a screenreader but acts on display: none, it is letting visual
media styling control the presentation.

Note that visual media browsers are allowed to control their presentation
as well, but most designers are very frustrated by this fact, although,
if they believed in the HTML philosophy they would not be.  In reality,
many pages don't display sensibly when a graphical browser is allowed
to control presentation.

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