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RE: These are accessible? I'm not sure they are

From: RUST Randal <RRust@COVANSYS.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 10:30:06 -0500
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I am not looking for an in-depth report as I could run that myself. Just
interested in opinions on the site as it appears to you guys that use
Assistive Tech, etc.
Maybe it's accessible, from a technical standpoint.  But I'm not even sure
about that.  When you see "document.write" in the <head>, little red flags
immediately pop up.  
I looked at it in Opera, in Author mode, which linearizes everything and
dumps style sheets.  You can make sense of it at all.  They are also using
Javascript for a lot of the functionality, some of which is not necessary.
For example, it's used to control the print output.  They could have just
assigned a print stylesheet.
I also looked at it in the Lynx emulator, and it fails there too.  Seems to
be a lot of images without the alt attribute applied.

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Subject: These are accessible? I'm not sure they are

Dear All,
I have just read a press release from an agency that has built a site that
is supposed to be accessible to the most current W3C standards for visually
impaired people. Well, I have taken a look and cannot make haed nor tail of
it through my Lynx browser and got most confused. As I don't rely on this
all the time, I was wondering if someone else could tell me that either I am
being stupid or that I am right and this website is not as accessible as it
The URLs are:
http://www.peoplesnetwork.gov.uk <http://www.peoplesnetwork.gov.uk> 
http://www.resource.gov.uk/ <http://www.resource.gov.uk/> 
Much obliged and kind regards to all


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