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Recognised courses in Web Accessibility?

From: Simon White <simon.white@jkd.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 14:59:20 -0000
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Hi all,
Does anyone know of a course offered at an educational establishment that covers Web accessibility issues and how to overcome them? I am particularly interested in UK-based courses, unless there are distance learning ones available to UK residents. The reason that I ask is that there does not appear to be any way in which I can prove my knowledge prior to taking on a project, and also I would like to learn in a more structured way.

I am aware of the course offered through WebAIM, but this is not affiliated to a degree or similar. I've done a search and found that York University offers something, but it is not quite what I require as they tend to be leaning towards developers rather than general interest such as I have - I mean, I can code a bit, but not to a level required to do it full time without having to catch up in a big way.

If there are courses aimed at developers only, I am still interested; it would just mean that I would have to ultimately learn about two subjects concurrently and I am sure that the male species is not good at multitasking (at least that is what the TV adverts suggest) *grin*

Thanks in advance

Simon White

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