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CSS Questions

From: SHARPE, Ian <Ian.SHARPE@cambridge.sema.slb.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 11:50:57 -0000
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Hi All,

Having recently discovered that stylesheets are the cause of many of my
personal web accessibility problems but that they also offer the solution I
have been investigating CSS and CSS2 to produce a stylesheet which will
over-ride existing style and provide an accessible web page. I have the
following questions:

1. Is there a way to restrict the width of tables and their cells? Many
sites (hotmail mail messages for one) have lines which are VERY long and
with large fonts mean having to scroll horizontally to read them. I'm
assuming you can over-ride the width settings for both <table> and <td> but
if you don't know how many columns are in the table you might still have the
same problem? 

2. I have created a stylesheet which resolves many of my problems but with
some side effects. I have configured my links to be blue as usual but if the
anchor contain <b> tags my default white font is used. Consequently I am
missing links which I would otherwise have seen. The CSS2 :first-child
pseudo-class seems to offer the solution but CSS2 is not supported in IE5.5
(my current prefered browser) and don't think it's supported in IE6 either.
So, could some please recommend a browser which supports CSS2 and can be
configured to use my own stylesheet in preference to any other style. I
currently have a lot of problems with the Java interface so unless a
potential Java browser can be configured with a text file so that I could
then simply use the browsers window for viewing web pages it would be
useless to me. I suspect Mozilla will do the job but don't know whether it
can be configured in this way? Any alternative CSS solutions to this link
colour problem would also be appreciated.

Once I have resolved these issues I would be more than happy to give anyone
who is interested the resulting stylesheet if they feel it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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