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Re: Good UI Design for Readers [PS: accesskey]

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:01:53 -0500
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Sorry, on the page structure, orientation and navigation I missed one thing:
accesskey.  The following is unconfirmed, but is a word to the wise
regardless.  Something you should not leave out in the 'experiment' phase of
what I suggested:

TABINDEX is too low level.  Both TABINDEX and ACCESSKEY are imperfect, but do
try using ACCESSKEY for navigation to the functionally distinct sub-blocks of
the page that we talked about.


At 08:39 AM 2002-01-30 , you wrote:
>Can anyone point me to good resources for sites or FAQs that deal with good
>user interface design for audio/readers?
>I understand all of the techniques and tricks people use (CSS,
>skip-navigation links, alt, longdesc, etc.) but I'm looking for resources
>which describe HOW to design good UI for audio only browsers.
>Somee examples of questions I'm looking to answer:
>1) Our site uses breadcrumbs to indicate location (Something like: Home Page
>> Second Level > Third Level > Title of Current page -- all of which are
>links, except the last item). It seems that this isn't very clear or obvious
>when read aloud and either framing text is needed or it should be dropped in
>favor of the main menu for the site. Or we're wrong and these would be fine.
>2) Is it better to have the navigation at the top of the page with a
>skip-navigation link jumping over it to the content or to put it at the
>bottom of the page with a skip-over-content-to-navigation link at the top
>instead (we feel that this is really a function of how important the
>navigation or the content is. On some sites, say sites doing a linear page
>to page lesson in which you want the content and then the NEXT link rather
>than having to do a skip-over-nav every page) and on some sites, mainly
>portal sites, the navigation would be the most important thing and having it
>first would be good.
>And so forth.
>I've done searches of this list, google searches in general, and more and
>have found no good resources for these types of things. Any pointers are
>very welcome.
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