Re: This is obvious to me. Is anybody doing work on it?

"David Woolley":
> > Mozilla/4.04 (Win95; I; ; IMP-CONT IMP-AUD)
> The inappropriateness of further abusing user agent comments, and the
> existing protocol have already been covered.  I'd just add that there
> is actually a privacy issue with all content negotiation options

There is which attempts to address
privacy issues, It certainly doesn't address my privacy concerns.

I did actually raise it, but managed to only send it to Charles by own
incompetence, I intended to post it here and to www-mobile aswell.
  As this is regularly discussed, can those within the W3C actually ask
  someone of the working group, to actually provide some real materials,
  answers to the many questions that regularly result from this being a
  potential accessibility solution.

  The questions I have:

  Does the group have a current charter?

  When will the document which the review period ended for many months
  be published?
  (And would it not be appropriate to re-open the review period.)

  How is privacy of users combined with accessibility - if I don't want
  let everyone know I'm blind when on-line how do I still get accessible

  Are there any indication from browser vendors that they will implement
  (when and if it becomes a recommendation)

  Why is there no incentive to lie in CC/PP? (Lieing about which browser
  are is done by almost all browsers in existence today.)

Charles did make some interesting and useful points in response, I'll
leave the decision on whether to post those to him though.


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