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RE: Navigation bars with dynamic content

From: SHARPE, Ian <Ian.SHARPE@cambridge.sema.slb.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:44:58 -0000
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To: "WAI (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Not sure about screen read accessible but certainly not IE with ignore
colors accessiblity checkbox checked. Menus drop and overlap other text
making them unreadable. Lynx ignores them also. My opinion is that
javascript menus are bad practice and their use should be avoided at all
costs. What's wrong with the heading link navigating to a separate page
contain the dropped links together with additional helpful information eh?
Another round trip? Not good enough I'm affraid!! A link's a link, not
something which causes other links to appear when you move a pointer over
it!! (I feel better now!!)


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From: Steve Carter [mailto:steve@juggler.net]
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To: Jim Ley; wai-ig list
Subject: Re: Navigation bars with dynamic content

> > Does anyone know examples of such menus that are accessible?
> That are accessible - I'm not sure, that are keyboard accessible -
> http://jibbering.com/ , http://jibbering.com/accessibility/menu.html and
> http://jibbering.com/accessibility/menue.html are 3 versions of the same
> menu script which seem to be accessible in a number of browsers, Early
> Mozilla's not due to a bug in those w.r.t. to tabbing to positioned
> links.

Anyone who has the wherewithall to write the javascript for such a menu as
the original example should be able to make it keyboard-accessible.
Unfortunately I think they will be utterly opaque to screen readers.  This
is just an opinion as a programmer who is a relative newbie to

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