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On Friday 11 January 2002 22:17, Al Gilman wrote:
|   At 12:45 PM 2002-01-11 , Simon White wrote:
|   >
|   >2dy
|   slexia%22+webbtnG=Google+Search
|   His post was excellent.  This is not a complaint.  He just happened to
|   provide a good example.  Can I step up on a soap box and still speak
| softly?
|   I was able to reproduce his search with the URL spelled as

%22 is a *special character", therefor quoting it in URL requires escaping (% 
followed by hex code of this character)
I guess Simon just used some special characters while making his serach 
request to Google.

|   There are some people still cutting and pasting URLs to their browser to
|   follow links that they are passed in email.  The automation of URL
|   following from email messages is not universal.  Not always implemented,
|   not always free from breakage where implemented.  Had a recent repeat on

escaping non-ascii characters is a Good way, it follows RFC for URL/URI 
I can add even more: if I search in Cyrillic (try word "интернет", for 
example), *all* characters are escaped - because most likely you don't have 
built-in Cyrillic support, Cyrillic fonts, etc. But you still can reproduce 
serach result (for Cyrillc word) using escaped Cyrillic glyphs in URL.  

|   WebWatch of the failure scenario where someone got an URL in an email
| that wrapped, broke, and they didn't understand why when they tried to
| follow it they got a 404.  The pieces were all there but try to see that in
| your screen reader.

well, this is subject to broken mail client, and you can fix this by changing 
your Mailing Client.
MS Outlook is known to produce terrible results on quoting, replying to the 
message, wrapping text/URL, etc.
I use KMail (at home) and do not have such problem.
There is an option in Options menu (Wordwrap: Yes/No), which is applicable to 
every mail I send. By default, it's On.
But if I paste some URL and it's wrapped, I turn off Wordwrap and send this 
URL unwrapped.
If someone wnat screenshot how it's looking - I can post it somewhere.

|   Since passing along Google search URLs is IMHO a good thing, and URLs
| that wrap over to the next line are a risky thing, I thought I would point
| out this idea, because they are often over one line as held in your browser
| and can often be emulated by something much shorter.
|   If you wish a different language you will need to add the language
|   parameter back in.  Etc.
|   For what it's worth.
|   Al


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