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this may assist some in learning how assistive technologies work.  I
have not seen the pages / videos yet.  comments to the able channel

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Subject: Accessible Videos via the web . . .
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:08:11 -0400
From: jeffrey pledger <jpledger@mindspring.com>
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The Able Channel at www.tvontheweb.com is proud to announce our
production of hosting accessible videos delivered through the web by
streaming techniques.    

What are accessible videos and how will they benefit the disabled

Through the use of leading edge technology, these general information
product demonstration videos are displayed in alternative formats,
including closed captioning for the deaf/hard of hearing and audio
descriptions for the blind/visually impaired.  The combination of
these two
alternative formats also assists individuals who may have a learning
cognitive disability that requires additional input or repetition to
comprehend the video content.  

What is video streaming and how can it be utilized on your own PC?

Video streaming is the ability to receive video content via a Web
connection without having to download the full video file to your
 Video streaming enables the end user to start watching and listening
the video content as soon as your video buffer fills.   These videos
can be
accessed by downloading the free Real G2 Player at our site.  

What accessible videos are currently "playing" at the Able Channel?

The five videos available for immediate viewing at the Able Channel

1.	WGBH's Car synchronized multimedia video done in English and German
2.	WGBH's Elevator synchronized multimedia video 
3.	Dr. Harry Murphy's introduction of Ted Kennedy at the CSUN
4.	Ted Kennedy's keynote address filmed live at CSUN in March 1999
5.	Jeff Pledger's exclusive interview with Ted Kennedy during CSUN

What accessible videos can you expect in the future from the Able

We are currently formatting over 25 product demonstrations with
technology vendors who participated at the CSUN Conference.  These
clips will be available to view in September and highlight a variety
products developed to assist people with all types of disabilities. 
products are still in the prototype stage and cannot be seen anywhere
 As we attend upcoming conferences, we will place additional
videos on the site for your education and enjoyment. 

What can YOU do to help enable the Able Channel?

Bookmark our site and please come back often to see what new and
video content has been added.   Online chat discussions are scheduled
Friday evenings from 9-10PM EST.  Your feedback and comments are very
valuable and can be emailed to us at able@tvontheweb.com.  We want to
the Able Channel YOUR channel of choice!
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