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Re: Bank Technology News International Article on Accessibility

From: Francisco Godinho <f.godinho@mail.telepac.pt>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 10:58:07 +0100
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Hello Brian

You can  find information of Bradesco Net - Internet Banking for
the Visually Impaired at

By Francisco Antonio Soeltl
President, MicroPower, Brazil
The Brazilian company MicroPower has developed the software Virtual Vision
(VV) is a screen-reader that is inside of Bradesco Net - Internet Banking
the Visually Impaired. Bradesco is one of the largest banks of Brazil. The
product, that currently works for Windows 98 and Office 97, offers good
access through internet with IE 3.02. Tests of IE5 are being finalized and
soon, it will be launched the version 2.0.

This product was indicated by Microsoft for the Smithsonian Award, and it
mentioned by Bill Gates in his last book. The MicroPower team was recently
Seattle, presenting Virtual Vision for Steve Ballmer, current president of
Microsoft. Also recent it was the visit of the Managers of Bradesco Bank to
Washington DC, to present the details of the product for the Smithsonian

The development team of Virtual Vision is working directly with the Director
of Accessibility of Microsoft to solve the problems that eventually appear
and to implement the solutions.

Virtual Vision uses the first synthesizer of high quality in Portuguese
language, called DeltaTalk, also developed by MicroPower. It is adapted for
the Brazilian and Portuguese keyboards. The product can be acquired in
Portugal through its representative in Lisbon, Mr. Rui Fontes, Email:
fontes@ip.pt .

For more information in Brazil, send your email for
micropower@micropower.com.br , C/O- Mr. Mauricio. Communications available
also in Spanish and English.

[end of the article]

There is other article "Microsoft Technology Aids Brazil's Visually
at Microsoft/enable website:

Francisco Godinho
PASIG - Portuguese Accessibility Special Interest Group

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From: Brian Kelly <lisbk@ukoln.ac.uk>
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Date: Quinta-feira, 22 de Julho de 1999 9:18
Subject: Bank Technology News International Article on Accessibility

>Yesterday I received an unsolicited copy of Bank Technology News
International - it's a glossy
>tabloid-style bimonthly publication aimed at international bankers (which
I'm not!).
>The front page featured an article entitled "Web Banking for the Visually
Impaired".  It described
>how a blind computer programmer in Brazil is working on developing an
Internet-banking program for
>the blind at the Nanco Bradesco.  The article continued inside (for a full
page) with details of the
>technologies available (mainly PC-based).  The article contained a sidebar
which described W3C's Web
>Content Accessibility Guidelines, and had a quote from Tim Berners-Lee.
>The newspaper's website is available at:
>although I couldn't find the article.  As Kynn pointed out for the
Builder.com article, this web
>site is not accessible :-(
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