RE: CSS 2: priorities in cascading order

Jason White writes:

 > Option 1 I take to be that which changes the definition of !important; so
 > that it only has effect when used within a reader's style sheet (any use
 > of !important; in an author's style sheet would thus be ignored, and the
 > author's rules would all have normal weight, thereby giving precedence to
 > the reader's explicitly important rules). This is the option which I
 > prefe. The only counter-argument is one of backward compatibility. If the
 > use of !important; in authors' style sheets is ignored, then it can still
 > be said that all valid CSS 1 style sheets are likewise valid in CSS 2, but
 > the definition of importance changes. Given that the !important; directive
 > is a little-used feature at present, I think this change could be made
 > without resulting in major backward compatibility problems.

I agree with you. However, there is resistance from implementors who
have done CSS1 according to the book and would have to reverse their
implemenations for CSS2. I see their point, and since the end result
is the same, I'm now leaning towards adding anothe ! directive. But
akksessibillitti is hard to spell... 



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Received on Friday, 19 December 1997 17:37:42 UTC