Re: XSL and document transformations for XML accessibility

The purpose of the transformation is to relieve the author of the document
or of the DTD from the responsibility of writing braille and audio style
sheets. Once the document has been transformed into valid HTML, the user's
default braille or audio style sheet can then be applied. This is also the
basis of the ICADD mechanism and should offer a good solution in those
cases in which the semantic content of the document can be adequately
represented in HTML.

The draft XML syntax specification omits those aspects of SGML that were
used by ICADD to effect transformations of this kind. What is needed, I
think, is a document transformation facility that is built into XSL or
another widely deployed style or scripting language, so that an XML
document can be linked to a transformation script or style sheet, which
the user can invoke to convert the document instance into HTML. Braille
and audio style sheets are then applied in the usual manner.

Received on Tuesday, 25 November 1997 19:05:29 UTC