Re: XSL and document transformations for XML accessibility

On Nov 21,  8:05am, Pawson, David wrote:

> > From:	Jason White [SMTP:jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU]

> 	Jason> Is XSL likely to include any of the tree transformation
> capabilities
> > offered by DSSSL?

> 	DP:Yes, most definately.

I would be interested to see evidence of this definite statement. The
XSL submission appears to omit all mention of the tree transformation
capabilities of DSSSL, and uses only rhe flow object construction
(stylesheet) stage.

> >  Jason: There is a need for a widely deployed mechanism that
> > will allow documents conforming to XML DTD's to be transformed, in
> > accordance with rules provided by the developer of the DTD, into HTML
> > 4.0
> > for purposes of accessibility.

Yes, there is. It appears that XSLwill not provide this capability, however.

Transformation from one DTD to another turns out to be hard, if there is
a requirement to generate conforming document instances and to retain
semantics. If the requirement is only to generate a document that is
well formed (in the XML sense) as opposed to conformant to a particular
DTD, the job becomes somewhat easier.

> 	DP: Can be done with DSSSL, or other tools. Suggest SGMLC,
> Omnimark and others
> 	are fully capable of this sort of work.

Do either of these implement the tree transformation capabilities of DSSSL?

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