Please review Minutes of HTML WG ftf in Austin

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Attention working group participants: 

     Please review the minutes from the Meeting in
		Austin, TX Nov 11-12 
     Please see that the 21 Nov draft of HTML 4.0
		reflects the decisions from the meeting;
		review the changes since 7Nov 
     4Dec97 (Thu): Next teleconference 
     5Dec97 (Fri): Vote on 7Nov HTML 4.0 proposed recommendation ends 

Dan Connolly, chair
last revised $Date: 1997/11/24 21:10:17 $ by $Author: connolly $ 

The only actions were
	* ACTION Editors: issue a new spec on 21 November.
	* "for", "event" attribs on SCRIPT and on CLASS DOM
		interactions - adding event handlers risky,
		event bubbling not yet defined. But DOM
		does not define HTML. 
		Resolved: Add for, event as reserved to 4.0 
		ACTION Benjamin@ns: to check this out
	* HTML futures workshop 
	ACTION Connolly: forward this suggestion to the
		HTML Coordination Group.

Dan Connolly, W3C HTML WG chair

Received on Monday, 24 November 1997 16:16:43 UTC