RE: General comments on style sheets and WAI FP work


XSL (the style sheet side of XML) is available in draft,
and one team in Edinburgh, have put an implemenation
onto the web. This translates from XSL into DSSSL
then uses an uplifted Jade to output in RTF.

ps. Copies of XLL - linking mechanism
	        SMML - multi-media language
are in about to hit the streets for public comment.

From: Dave Pawson. RNIB(UK)

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> Subject:	General comments on style sheets and WAI FP work
>  The XML style language is not even at the draft stage, a
> fact which can be both an advantage, in that it may be possible for
> the
> WAI to influence its development at a very early stage, and a
> disadvantage, in that a final specification and a working
> implementation
> thereof is unlikely to be available in the near future.

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