RE: media type(s) for braille

I think that the question of which country's braille codes to use should
be decided by the user and the braille translation software, and that
style sheets should merely indicate when to change into, for example,
computer notation, the mathematics code, etc. The whole issue requires
further consideration however. Joe Sullivan has suggested the notion of a
basic jurisdiction, defined by the translation software, which would
specify for example that UK or US braille standards were to be used. If
part of the text were then written in French or German, the UK or US rules
for transcribing French or German in an English context would then be

I do not think these issues should be taken into account in defining the
braille media type, although parameters concerning the dimensions of the
braille device would be more important, since style sheets control the
line and page formatting and therefore the actual dimensions of the output
medium may be crucially significant.

Received on Monday, 10 November 1997 16:48:26 UTC