Summary of progress (fwd)

Once upon a time Jason White shaped the electrons to say...
>to be resolved. One aspect that could be corrected: SCOPE needs to be
>added to both TH and TD, since TD elements can act as row headers. This

I concur.  While it might be nice to think authors will always use TH for
header info and TD for real data, this is not the case.  Since browsers
generally center and bold the TH content, many authors use TD when this
is not desirable.  And many sites use TH for data when they want to call
it out - say a table of data on competing products.  Using TH for your own
products makes them stand out.

Is this proper usage?  Not really.  But it is what people do.  I do not 
believe we can really draw semantic lines between TH and TD - and that
they should share all attributes.

>should not be a problem, since if I recall correctly, TH and TD share the
>same element and attribute definitions in the DTD.

They do at this time, yes.

I too have not clearly understood Al's objections to axes and axis.  I don't
see applications where these - with the addition of SCOPE and hopefully a
way to link in metadata - are insufficient.

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