Re: SELECT structures with lots of OPTIONs (fwd)

Once upon a time Daniel Dardailler shaped the electrons to say...
>I agree with Megazone (sorry I lost your real name) that his proposal

While I haven't legally changed it yet (keep meaning to) that's what I go 
buy.  On my office, business cards, et al.  Yes, I'm one of those weirdos
who started using his handle offline. ;-)

>It looks to me that even Dave's proposal of 
><!ELEMENT optgroup O O (option+)>
>woudl require visual browser to do something.

I don't think 'require' is the right word.  It should be safe for any
existing browser to ignore the element and still produce a functional,
meaningful SELECT list.  It would be nice if they produced some kind of
tabbed index, or pop-up list, etc.  But not necessary.  They might do 
something as simple as place a rule across the list:

--group one--
--group two--

We shouldn't be telling them how to present it, we are simply defining
*structure* and the browser is free to implement that as they wish.

Obviously current browsers will do nothing with it - presenting the
SELECT list as we know it to date.

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