When, What and the audio desktop

to follow up on what Al Gilman said:
> I still believe that for general utility of the semantic markup
> there should be at least two classes of semantic links among
> table cells and that when/what is the most obviously useful
> dichotomy.  


In this quote I am appealing to the Newton desktop use of the
journalist's agenda, who/what/when/etc.  Is there anything
comparable in your model of the audio desktop as the top-level
categories for sorting links to related information?

I haven't read your book, but I would imagine that an audio
desktop would want to deal in reasonably small sound-bites, and
keep a cache of bites handy which are closely linked to what is
happening (the current event) in the audio.  An "out of earshot
model" would hold their connections to the current event.  Does
this relate?

-- Al

Received on Tuesday, 14 October 1997 15:54:54 UTC