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On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, Jason White wrote:

> SCOPE needs to be added to both TH and TD, since TD elements can
> act as row headers. This should not be a problem, since if I
> recall correctly, TH and TD share the same element and attribute
> definitions in the DTD. 

Indeed the scope attribute is valid on both and allows one to
treat some TD cells as acting as kind of like headers. An example
is given in the Sept 10th draft:

      <TD scope="row">An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England</TD>
      <TD>Mark Cottle</TD>
         One day course introducing the early medieval
         period reconstruction the Anglo-Saxons and
         their society. <EM>Saturday 18th October.</EM>

Although the first cell in the row is treated visually as
a data cell, it is marked up with scope=row so that an aural
browser can "explain" later cells in the same row in terms
of the cell that gives the course name. I think Al thought
of this in terms of inputs and outputs, but I may be wrong.


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